This report shows & summarizes changes in a providers market share through time.

The top left graph of this report shows the total number of occupied beds for a provider compared to the chosen comparison group.

The top right graph shows the % share of the total market for the provider and the providers in the comparison group.

The table shows the raw data for the providers in the chart for the most recent period and 12 months prior. The growth rate columns show the % change in the # of beds and the corresponding % market share.

The bottom graph is a plot of the raw market shares for each provider through time.

Use with providers

Choose a provider from the Analyze menu at the top left of the screen. Or search for a provider and click their name.

If you’ve chosen groups of providers to compare against for other analyses we will reuse them.

You can change with whom you’re comparing by clicking the “More groups settings” button in the top left of the screen.

Use with groups

This report cannot be used with groups right now.

Working with plots