About Plain Proof

We started as a marketing tool for automated nursing home employee scheduling software but grew into our own once we saw an opportunity to showcase nursing homes in a new way.

The point

Most nursing home comparison and analysis sites (Nursing Home Compare, USNews, A Place For Mom etc etc etc) only show you the most recent quality and inspection data for the facilities you're interested in.

Data as of 90-180 days ago.

If they're keeping things up-to-date.

If you want to know whether a nursing home has been good (or bad) for years, you can't.

On those platforms.

To see whether they've done well or poorly (on their own and/or relative to neighboring facilities) over the past few years you have to know a ton about nursing homes and a ton about large data analysis, and make time to make the comparison plots.

Maybe their plots look like a roller coaster track (which means they're inconsistent).

Maybe their plots are as flat as a board (which can indicate they have good, repeatable processes for delivering care).

We've made this platform to help you see whether a facility is a consistent performer. And where they're getting better (or worse!) through time.

Both on their own and relative to neighboring facilities.

So that when you need to find a good facility you can find one thats been good consistently. Not just right now.

And if you manage a facility we can help you find places to improve and ideas to market to doctors and hospitals so that when you're good, people in your community know it.

The people

Paul DeBruicker is the founder and CEO of Plain Proof. Paul is an experienced engineer, with a background in creating real solutions for real problems, from coconut fueled power plants to smokeless wood-burning stoves to software that fills an existing need (versus creating one you didn't know you had). When he's not building useful things, Paul is a globetrotter, hiker, and a friend to the people he meets along the way.

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