Every chart is interactive. Here is what you can do with them.

Hover for more detail

Hover your mouse over a line or point to see the value, provider, and date for the nearest point. Tap if you’re on your phone or a tablet.

Expand for a better view.

In the corner of each chart is a zoom_out_map button. Click it and the chart will fill the screen. You can close the expanded chart by clicking the Close button.

Click to see the data points

You can see the values for each line all at once by clicking on the line or a point on the line. Click the line again to hide the data points for that line.

Click & drag to zoom

If you want a better view of a certain range of the plot just click and drag to zoom in. You can cancel your zoom by clicking the Reset zoom button.

Coming soon. Email us at help@plainproof.com if you want this feature enabled on your account.