Use fresh QM data to find out where to improve, now!

Instead of waiting on CMS to update Nursing Home Compare you can now use your own fresh CASPER data to get new insights today.

Why its important

Using outdated data is like driving while looking in the rear view mirror. It is tricky to be confident you're making good progress or good time. As the data gets more outdated it gets harder to know.

By using fresh data you can be sure you're deciding what to do with the best information you have.

How it works

This 5 minute video shows you everything or you can read about it below

See how to use your fresh data inside Plain Proof.

You don't have to do any new data collection or processing to take advantage of this feature. Just upload your Casper bi-weekly MDS 3.0 PDF report and we will take of the math. We don't share your data with anyone else. It stays private to your account.

Get it turned on in your account

Email [email protected] to make sure its activated.

Get your data

We can process Casper bi-weekly MDS 3.0 reports and also MatrixCare MDS summary reports. You'll need to get the data from one of those systems. Its likely your MDS coordinator can help with that. We can process their standard PDFs so no need to do any editing.

We will happily add other data sources if you like. Please get in touch.

Upload your data

Inside Plain Proof the steps are:

  1. Click your name in the top right to open the menu
  2. Click "Fresh Data" in the menu
  3. Scroll down to the "Upload fresh data" section
  4. Click "Find PDF"
  5. In the dialog find the file on your computer and choose it
  6. Click "Upload PDF"
  7. Wait until you see the checkmark next to the file name.

If we run into any snags processing your file we will let you know, and if there is a way to fix it on your end.

Start using your data

The fresh data can be used in the Quality Improvement Plan.

In that report you should:

  1. Choose the data source you want to use
  2. Choose the date of the data source you want to use
  3. Click the "Change Data Source" button

The analysis will update once you change the data source.

You can change back to Nursing Home Compare data by clicking the "Use Nursing Home Compare Data" button.

We make a note near the data tables to remind you when you're using fresh data vs Nursing Home Compare data.