The QM Hotspots Report shows where a provider underperforms their state average for each 5 star QM. You can also compare those underperforming QMs to the performance of other groups of providers.

Table description

Column Description
Quality Metric (QM) The short name for the quality metric for the row.
Points The number of points the provider earns for the QM out of the max possible for that QM.
How they score
% of Residents The percent of residents affected by the QM, as most recently reported by CMS
# of Residents We calculate an estimate of the number of residents affected by the QM at the rate in the "% of Residents" column and the providers most recent census data.
How they compare This section is like the "How they score" section.
  • For each comparison group, we show its rate of incidence in the QM.
  • Except to calculae "# of Residents" column we use the provider you're analyzing's census.

Because of that it shows you how many people would be affected if the provider were performing as well as the group you're comparing them against.

So when comparing to the state the provider in, you can see how well they'd do if they performed as well as the state average.

Use with providers

Choose the provider from the Analyze menu, or from your search results. Open the report to see the analysis.

Use with groups

Choose the group from the Analyze menu.

For groups you will see the comparative analysis for each provider in the group. Providers in the group that aren’t strong perforers will have more QMs shown and better performing providers will have fewer.