--- title: Andrea McBeth, ND description: Dr. Andrea McBeth practices in Portland, OR. In addition to being a wonderful person she has a rigorous approach to research and patient care. --

I am a lifelong learner and explorer. I have worked in the various fields of basic sciences for most of my life. I have also experienced my most profound learning and found my best teachers outside the lab and classroom. Working with family, friends, and community has taught me to love all people. Everyone suffers but there is so much we can help to teach each other to reduce that suffering. Working with elders has always been a passion because I get to learn so much and teach at the same time.

I approach medicine through the lens of the microbiome (microbes in our gut). I look at the connection of the gut to the brain, immune system, and whole body in order to create a treatment plan. I love how scientific discoveries regarding the microbiome support naturopathic medicine. The simple things we do on a daily basis matter. What we eat, how we move, and how we manage stress all affect the way we heal. I use lifestyle, herbs, nutrition, mind-body, and microbial techniques to help people.

I studied Biochemistry and Biology at the University of San Diego. Following that, I worked as a research assistant and eventually began a PhD in biomedical engineering at OHSU. I made the heartbreaking decision to stop before completing my degree after caring for a family member with Leukemia, but it led me to pursue Naturopathic Medicine. I felt like there had to be more I could learn and do.

I found the approach to medicine I wanted at the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM). I graduated from NCNM with a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine after 5 years of study. The toolbox I present to patients combines my education and previous life experience in unique and powerful ways. I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to learn so many amazing things. I also continue to learn through working with patients and managing my own autoimmune disease. I value my experience with chronic pain as well as having watched loved ones navigate the medical system. It helps me understand where my patients are coming from. I know how frustrating it is to be sick and to feel like no one is listening. My goal is to help people reduce their suffering, empower them to heal, and make them feel heard.

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